We arrived in Montreal bright and early on Saturday for a radio interview with Natalia from Radio Centre-ville. We killed some time by enjoying some delicious Montreal bagels. Our good friend David joined us on our adventure and took some time out of his busy schedule to do an interview on our behalf (check out earlier posts). Due to extreme exhaustion from our night in Ottawa, we spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping in warm cozy nests at our friend Pia’s house (thanks Pia).

We rolled in to Absythne around 7pm for sound check and we were welcomed with buttery popcorn from the bar! YAY! Later, we sat down for a video interview with Max from Vtele who also filmed a few tunes from our set. People started flooding in while the night was still young, and we had a great time dancing and partying together all night! As a result of our extreme excitement to be back in Montreal, a few glasses were unfortunately broken (Sorry Absythne!!!!). Thanks a million to Jane’s Party for sharing the stage with us and for their awesome set. We are so happy to be on the road with these guys. Check them out! Also, thanks to our family, friends and fans for coming out for the fun!!!!



One response to “Montreal!!!

  1. sounds like you guys are doing great! thanks for doing this blog so I can pretend I’m traveling too…


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