Some Halifax Photos


Some photos from Charlottetown…

An Eastern Shore (Halifax Part II)

ahhhhhhh… Popcorn Is A Luxury

Halifax doesn’t want us to leave!!!

Last night at the Seahorse was incredible! The crowd was so responsive and energetic – we really enjoyed sharing the stage with Cold Warps, Bad Vibrations and Soaking up Jagged. The Seahorse is a beautiful venue and we are so happy we were on the bill! As we began packing up our gear, we thought the night was almost too good to be true. INDEED!

After we loaded up into the van, the engine refused to start. UH OH! So began our late-night ordeal: sandwiched between two cars on a freezing cold night that caused our battery to fail. We called a contractor who arrived 45 minutes later and began troubleshooting. We got a boost from his big truck which started the engine (YAY!!!).

BUT…Halifax was not through with us just yet…

We drove our gear back to our friend Aaron’s “cottage” and of course, out of habit we shut the engine off. BIG MISTAKE! Immediately, we tried to restart the van and it was DEAD…AGAIN! By this point it was 4am and we realized our van died in the middle of the road. We were defeated and did not want to wake up another mechanic. We simply wrote a note explaining our situation, hoping that we wouldn’t get towed away. We all decided that the best thing to do was to sleep and deal with it in the morning. Luckily, the sign was a success: we didn’t even get a ticket! We had to call another contractor but luckily, day-time rates are more affordable. Things are turning up!

Dinner in Halifax

Fredericton via iphone

Covering heart of glass right now